Dear Everybody,
This is an information about the distribution of "Godairiki Mie" on 23th of February.
This amulet has been wordhiped for a long time, for it is propitious to prevent the unfotune such as robbery.

As is mentioned above, the amulets are substantiated through the prayer by Buddhist priest for a week at the Dodaido-hall in the Kami-Daigo area and distributed only on the 23rd of February. Please have a chance to obtain the propitious Mie!

Date: 23rd February 2005 (Wed) 9:00`17:00
Place: Kondo Hall

You are kindly requested to order to the followin address.

Godaiririko Honbu Daigoji Temle
Daigo Higashi Omichi cho 22
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City
Kyoto Prefecture 601-13
TEL (075)571-0002, FAX (075)572-3939