Events in this Month

Daigosan manto kuyo e
(A Commemorative Service with Ten Thousand Lights)
5th August

This service is held in the whole Daigoji 5th of August. The schedule is as follows; 4th Aug. 19:00 Saito goma (homa ceremony in the open air) at the Shimo-Daigo area. (This is held in the illumination of the 500 garden lantern.) Consequently Segaki (the mass for the deads) and Shoro nagashi (lantern offering on the water) at Daikodo Rinsen. 5th Aug. Yoru mairi in the Kami-Daigo area. The lights of the offering are turned on in the whole Daigoji. 6th Aug. 11:00 memorial service for Shobo (Rigen-daishi) at Kaisando-hall.