The precincts of Shimo-Daigo
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Now you are in front of the Ni'o Gate. At the back of the gate, you see a huge complex of Shimo-Daigo area.
One of the main building in the Shimo-Daigo area is the Golden Hall(Kondo). The present "Golden-hall" was moved from Yuasa in Kishu (the present Wakayama Prefecture) by the order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. You can see a type of architecture in the end of Heian period in its main part. This hall is dedicated to the Yakushi triad (Tathagata Bhaisajya-guru together with two followers, i.e., Bodhisattvas Nikko and Gakko). These statues were sculptured in Kamakura period.
In this area you see a tall building. It is the Five-storied Pagoda. Its construction was for the repose of the Emperor Daigo and completed in 951 at the reign of the Emperor Murakami. This is the oldest building. Inside of the pagoda, moreover, there are the paintings which provide invaluable information about the origin of arts in Japnese esoteric Buddhism.
In the Shimo-Daigo area, furthermore, there are Seiryugu Main Hall (Honden), Soshi-hall (The Hall dedicated to Rigen-daishi), Fudo hall, Dai kodo, Nyonin Hall, and Benten Hall. These buildings have watched a long history of Daigoji. In front of them you can make yourself feel at ease.