Guide to Daigoji-Complex

"Daigoji" is an extensive complex. It can be divided into three areas, i.e., Kami-Daigo area, Shimo-Daigo area, and Sanbo'in. The Kami-daigo area is situated on the Mount. Kasatori, whereas the Shimo-Daigo area is on the foot of the mountain. Strictly speaking, these two areas consist of the temple complex of Daigoji. In front of the Nio gate of the Shimo-Daigo area, however, you can see another temple, Sanbo'in which has been one of the main satelite temples of Daigoji. It is generally accepted that the Sanbo'in is included in the Daigoji-Complex. Besides these three areas, this page introduces Reihokan, in which you can see several important properties preserved at Daigoji.

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National Treasures
Important Cultural Propeties