Kaisando Hall
Momoyama Period()

This building is dedicated to Shobo or Rigen-daishi, the founder of Daigoji. It was built in 911 by his desciple, Kangen who was the first rural dean of Daigoji. At that time it was called Miedo. The building was burnt down. Although it was rebuilt in Kamakura period, it was also devastated at all. The present building was restored by Toyotomi Hideyori in 1606.
The hugest building on the Mount Kasatori (or Daigo) represents the magnificence of the Momoyama period architecture.
Inside the hall, the statues of the three priests are enshrined. Shobo (Rigen-daishi) is in the center. Kobo-daishi is in the left side and Kangen is in the right side.