Daigoji and the Diners Club Cultural assets restoration Project

Cultural assets restoration project

Object cultural assets

Object cultural assets

Fudo Myo-ou

Daigoji requests the support for inheriting many cultural assets that have been kept by the temple and succeeding them to the people in the future.

Daigoji was registered as the World Heritage in 1994 as a temple of “wood and paper culture.” In the temple there are approximately 150,000 items of cultural assets that have been protected as the objects of worship by the monks which have been passed on by many people for as long as 1,100 years since its establishment. Among these assets, many of them have been damaged due to the passage of long time and require restoration.
So far, with the slogan of “preserving even the petty items of the cultural assets,” the temple made the best and possible efforts even during the drastic social and environmental changes after the Meiji Restoration period.
In view of restoring valuable cultural assets and large-scale repair for a long time beyond our efforts, we thought we should request the support of these important cultural assets of Japan from many people. Therefore we have started this project with the cooperation of Diners Club.

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