Main Events
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GodairikiGodairikison Nin'no-e. On 23th February

This event is well known as Godairiki-san in Daigoji. It has a history of more than 400 years and its origin goes back to the establishment of Daigoji. In the ceremony the priests praise for the virtues of Godai myo'o and pray for the stableness of the nation and prosperity of people. Every year more than thirty thousand people visit this event. "Godairiki Mie" which is distributed only on 23th of February is an amulet to prevent from the unfortune such as rubbery.


Hanami ParadeHanami Parade. On the secound Sunday of April

In the spring of 1598 Toyotomi Hideyoshi organized a gorgeous Hanami (Cherry-blossom viewing) party. Participants of the party amounted about 900, in which Hideyoshi's wife Kitanomandokoro, his son Hideyori, Hideyori's mother Yodo, several Daimyos and Shomyos, and so on, were included. This can be regarded as the last splendour of the person in power, for Hideyoshi died at the same year. It should be noted that Hideyoshi was in charge of restoration of Daigoji in the last years of his life. Thus the party known as "Hanami at Daigo" has a symbolical meaning of celebration of Daigoji restoration together with an impressive personality of Hideyoshi. Accordingly Daigoji organizes "Hanami Parade of Toyotomi Hideyoshi" on the second Sunday of April every year.

Hanami Parade

Mt. OmineSanboin monzeki hanaku nyubu (Asceticism in Mountains; Entering Mt. Omine by the Dean of Sanboin)
On 6th-9th June

Daigoji is the headquater of Tozanha school of asceticism in mountains called Shugendo or Yamabushi, for Shobo (also called Rigen-daishi in his posthumous name), the founder of Daigoji, is known for the refoundation of Shugendo. A history of the Shugendo goes back to the pioneer En no gyoja in the Nara period. In order to commemorate his achievements, Shobo resumed the practices in Mt. Omine. The event called Sanboin monzeki hanaku nyubu (Entering Mt. Omine by the dean of Sanboin) held on 7th of June represents the tradition of Shugendo in Daigoji since Shobo. At this event a lot of mountain ascetics called also Yamabushi gather from all over the Japan. They climb up Mt. Omine and devout themselves in austere practices at the various places in the mountain. One of the practices as such is Saito goma (homa ceremony in the open air) held at Ozasa, one of the important places for Tozanha school of Shugendo.

Entering Mt. Omine

Crosscutting Mt. OmineOkugake (Sanboin monzeki okugake shugyo (Crosscutting Mt. Omine by the Dean of Sanboin)
19th-23th July

Held in the end of July. At this practice the mountain ascetics called Yamabushi crosscut Mt. Omine from the top of mountain to Kumano. In this practice, the mountain is regarded as the huge mandala. For instance, the tathagata Dainichi appears as everything in the moutain and his voice of Dharma is listened as the sounds of wind, water, and bird twitterings.

Crosscutting Mt. Omine

Memorial ServiceDaigosan manto kuyo e (A Commemorative Service with Ten Thousand Lights)
4th-6th August

This service is held in the whole Daigoji between 4th and 6th of August. The schedule is as follows; 4th Aug. 19:00 Saito goma (homa ceremony in the open air) at the Shimo-Daigo area. (This is held in the illumination of the 500 garden lantern.) Consequently Segaki (the mass for the deads) and Shoro nagashi (lantern offering on the water) at Daikodo Rinsen. 5th Aug. Yoru mairi in the Kami-Daigo area. The lights of the offering are turned on in the whole Daigoji. 6th Aug. 11:00 memorial service for Shobo (Rigen-daishi) at Kaisando-hall.

Memorial Service