World Cultural Heritage Kyoto Daigoji Navi

World Cultural Heritage Kyoto Daigoji Navi

◆Try the compact version first!

※Part of the content can be used even before ID authentication.

"Advantage point" and "Full Version of the Guide"!

◆Get 5% off at the eateries and shops in the Daigoji Temple's precincts.
※Get discount by using services more than 2,000 yen (excluding the entrance fee)
◆Able to fully use Kyoto DAIGOJI Guide services plus its content.
※ID at the back of the card is needed for use.

How to Use Kyoto Daigoji Navi
"Full Version of the Guide"

The "DAIGOJI FUN! CARD" can be bought from the temple office. By inputting the ID code on the card, all the following features on the "Kyoto Daigoji Navi" will become available to you.
■Temple Map and Guide
■Guided Tour
■Item Search during Travel
■AR Camera
■Stamp Rally & Treasure Hunt

Turning on the App

Download "Kyoto Daigoji Navi" using the QR code above, and turn it on.
Touch the ≡ symbol at the top-right of the menu.

Card ID Input Menu

Touch the ≡ symbol, and press the "Card ID Input" button.

Card ID Input

Once you are at the Card ID Input Menu, type in the ID code on the back of the "DAIGOJI FUN! CARD", or touch the "QR Code Input" and scan the QR code on the card.

Pressing the OK button will enable all features.
Please enjoy all the highlights of Daigoji Temple!