The Beauty of Mantra:
Arts in the Collection of Daigoji Temple

Shanghai Museum, May 11th (Wed.) - July 10th (Sun.)
Shaanxi History Museum, July 27th (Wed.) - September 20th (Tues.)


Reaction from the Chinese Media

On display at Shanghai Museum since May this year, the exhibition "The Beauty of Mantra: Arts in the Collection of Daigoji Temple" has received a steady stream of visitors and has been featured by various Chinese media outlets. The traditional Buddhist culture preserved at Daigoji has met with a huge response.
Below is a selection of the media coverage.
The exhibtion continues at Shanghai Museum until July 10th (Sun.), then runs from July 27th (Wed.) at Xi'an's Shaanxi History Museum

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・Baidu Baike (Chinese web-based encyclopedia)
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