Daigoji – Autumn Night Viewing~Clear your five senses and join the monks in their prayers surrounded by the fall leaves

The Daigoji Temple was built in 874 by Master Shobo, the Grand Disciple of Kukai, at the top of the mountain Daigosan surrounded by luxuriant nature. With more than 100.000 registered important cultural assets, the temple is also registered as a UNESCO world heritage site.
During the fall night viewing, its central area, called Garan, is being lit up to spotlight its marvellous automnal colors as well as its beautiful architecture with the Benten Hall, the National Treasure Five-storied Pagoda and the Main Hall. The scenery of its vermilion-lacquered hall reflected in the pond around a multitude of red maple leaves is absolutely stunning. Come discover the unique and exceptionnal atmosphere of the Daigoji’s autumn evenings.


●Opening Hours: 6:00PM-8:50PM (Last admission at 8:10PM) *Day/Night Rotation System

● Visitable Area:         Daigoji Garan (Main Hall, Five-storied Pagoda, Benten Pond, Moss Garden) *Night Viewing

●Admission Fees: 1,000 yens / 800 yens for group of 20+ visitors

★11/18/2023    Dedicated Concert – PANGEA  https://select-type.com/ev/?ev=mFbW8AGD9pk

★11/23/2023  Buddhism Chants – Prayers of Daigo echoing in the vestiges of autumn  https://select-type.com/ev/?ev=LVrVCGmUkRw

★11/25/2023 dedication concert – Biwa player Tsurushin Tomoyoshi  https://select-type.com/ev/?ev=nGWCpNAuCpA

★11/26/2023 Dedicated Concert – Shinobue flute player Kazuya Sato. https://select-type.com/ev/?ev=gV6bzNx0tew

★12/2/2023 Dedicated Concert -MOMONGA https://select-type.com/ev/?ev=zm0Msg3ja3I