The Daigoji Temple is still an operating monastery, with its numerous priests practicing Shingon Buddhism daily and longing to share with others the specifities of their spiritual practices. While a spiritual harbour, it was also for many centuries a welcoming home for traditional Japanese Arts and their masters.

spiritual practice

Sutra Copying Get-Together

Shakyō Sutra Copying

Sutra copying is a Buddhist practice is considered an expression to piety.
Recognized as a revelational practice, it allows to find enlightenment through perseverance.

Tea Ceremony Sado

Goma Fire Ritual

Shingon Buddhism temples hold a fire ritual every morning or afternoon, involving burning wooden plates with prayers written on them as monks chant or recite their prayers.

Japanese Arts

Sutra Copying Get-Together

Sadō Tea Ceremony

Sadō is a traditional and highly ritualized way of serving and drinking green matcha tea, involving a host and several guests.
With a code prescribing everything from the decor to the topics of conversation, it is the quintescence of Japanese elegant simplicity wabi-sabi.

Tea Ceremony Sado

Kadō Flower Arranging

Kadō is an original form of Japanese art that involves an arrangement of a variety of plants.
It refers not only to the beauty of the flowers but also requires manners, techniques, mental and physical training as well. You will understand the way the Japanese treat the seasons along with the sense of beauty without words.