Historically, the temple has always emphasised the importance of an open mind in a healthy body. The precept of healthiness takes form into two main types of cuisine: the vegetarian « Gozen » cuisine and the medicinal « Yakuzen » cuisine.
Our authentic ancestral cuisines matches the needs of a modern society increasingly sensible to consume seasonal and local products.

Gozan Ryori

Daigoji Limited Edition

Daigoji's Cobbled Path

Gateau au chocolat served with matcha ice cream topped with a macaron.Made with Indonesian couverture chocolate, this high fat dessert, prepared with wheat free flour, is characterized by its sour rich taste and its moist texture that match perfectly with matcha soft cream.

Daigoji Yakuzen Curry

Medicinal Food

Yakuzen Cuisine

Yakuzen cuisine, regularly consumed in Japanese temples, highlights the importance of maintaining the delicate equilibrium of yin and yang in our body.
Faithful to this principle, our French restaurant « Sous le cerisier » prepares original menus made by blending carefully selected vegetables, Japanese ingredients, medicinal herbs and foreign cuisine.