Souvenirs can be purchased at our two onsite boutiques, providing a wide range of articles from spiritual souvenirs to limited edition items.
Most of the products are made in Japan by local businesses, with the will to promote and support SMEs activities, as well as offering our visitors high-quality goods.


Spiritual Souvenir

The temple offers a wide range of unique spiritual souvenirs to its visitors: Omamori (Amulette), Shuin (Temple traditionnal stamp), Shuinchō (Traditional stamp book), Nenju (Buddhist rosary), etc…

  • Safe Childbirth Talisman

    A talisman for safe childbirth with prayers to Juntei Kannon, the mother of all Buddhas.

  • Yakushi Nyorai Talisman
    - Buddha of Medecine

    Recovery of mental and physical illness

  • Miroku Bodhisattva Talisman
    - Buddha of the Future

    Happiness in the future

  • Juntei Kannon Talisman
    - Bodhisattva of Compassion

    Happiness within the family

  • Five Great King's Rosary - Godairiki Rosary

    This rosary gives its holder strength to overcome doubt and anxiety with the help of Godairiki’s great power of protection.

  • Seal Book

    Daigoji Temple's original traditional Seal Book


Limited Edition

Limited edition items in collaboration with local businesses and artists are also available in our boutiques:Incense, Candle, etc…

  • Incense

    The incense represents the virtues of each Buddha.Miroku Bodhisattva Incense: a delicate scent to guide you towards peace.Juntei Kannon Incense: a gentle scent full of maternal affection.

  • Candle

    Cherry blossom viewing is a traditional Japanese custom. Petals falling fleetingly after full bloom are also a symbol of the Japanese seasons’ sensitivity. This candle represents this image, a gorgeous and emotionally fragrant cherry blossom.